Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 - A Year In Review

So 2013 wasn't that bad was it?
  1. I got engaged, and am planning a wedding for the middle of 2014.
  2. I moved out of my parents' house and into an apartment with my young men and future husband.
  3. I left my old job (voluntarily - even though I LOVED it) and got a new one (for more money; never leave JUST for more money).
  4. I let go of bad friendships, and forged some awesome new ones.
  5. I started this blog.
  6. Bought my wedding dress and immediately gained 15 pounds.
Okay, so those last two were a bit reaching. Not really life events, but it's my blog and I'll give significance to whatever I want!
Overall, it's not been bad. I've eaten good food, struggled financially, blossomed career-wise. It was a relatively good year.
So I'm asking myself if I want to make some New Years' Resolutions. And if so... how deep do I want to go with them?
Commit to paying off my credit cards?
Lose all the weight I want to? (Those 15 pounds plus another 10, please!)
To say "no" more? God knows I'm too much of a people pleaser as it is.
My resolution from 2012 was to find my joy. I did that. I can't even remember what my resolution for 2013 was.
Maybe what I need to work on is being positive. I want to be the best possible version of myself this upcoming year. I want to read more books and eat less sugar. But mostly, I want to really live.


  1. great goals! You are kicking ass at life honeybadger!

  2. Wonderful goals for the new year and your old year wasn't half bad! :)