Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Chronicles 2013 - Part 2

I forgot to post pictures of the events surrounding Christmas. Well, I didn't forget... more just hadn't gotten around to it.

So these are pictures from Christmas Eve - very few, unfortunately!

In the morning, Steve and the boys went over to my parents' house for a lunch with my grandparents (both my mom's parents and my dad's mother), and the boys opened gifts with them and got a whole bunch of good stuff.

All of my boys! 
They're obsessedwith Mario and Luigi - go figure!
On Christmas Eve night we went over to his parents' house and opened gifts with them! We took gifts to all the kiddos in the family and exchanged our "Secret Santa" gifts with his siblings. We all got some nice stuff, I got a gift card to my favorite resale store from my Santa, and then a wallet from Steve's parents and some cash.

Adrian in his Christmas suit!
Patrick in his Christmas suit!
Christy (our elf on the shelf) on Christmas Eve!
Patrick holding his aunt and uncle's new puppy!
We're thinking about getting one now. :)
Then the day AFTER Christmas I took Steve to a basketball game whose tickets I bought for him for Christmas. He is a huge San Antonio Spurs fan, and I'm a very passive Dallas Mavericks "fan." What I mean to say is: I enjoy watching the games in person.

Isn't he handsome? We had a blast.
The Mavs might have lost, but they put on
a helluva show!
And now you have the whole Christmas story!

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Venting... Helping or Hurting?

Not that I'm doing that right now.

I really won't.

I'm just going to pretend to be philosophical tonight. Because I've had a thought. And it's a blog, so I can be self-indulgent if I want.

I have realized just recently that I no longer believe venting is my friend. What good does talking out frustrations with your friends/co-workers/family do for your relationships?

Say my fiancé and I are having a fight, and I go out one evening and gossip with some of my girlfriends (or God forbid: parents). What good does giving a voice to these negative experiences do for anyone? It angers you, it gives your friends and family fodder for hating your significant other, and it lessens your relationship by inviting others in.

I realized it today when I was talking with a co-worker about her relationship. She wanted advice about the man she's dating... and because she's told me details here and there about things that have happened in the past, I'm reminding her of the negative things, and giving her advice that I have no business giving. (My opinion, obviously; she said nothing of the sort.)

And it got me thinking: how many times have I talked with my mom about a fight I had with an ex-boyfriend and then later it was all dragged up again when I was talking to her? Umm, too many.

"Keep your business to yourself" is going to be my motto from now on. If I have nothing funny or kind to say, from this moment on... I will say nothing. I know this isn't a new concept by any means, it's just something I've caught onto recently.

I would love to say I'll be a perfect angel and this new thinking will extend to my blog, but I did just write an entry about how naughty my kids were on Christmas... so maybe I won't.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Chronicles 2013

So I wanted this post to be filled with pictures of the boys opening their presents and talk about how happy we were on Christmas day.


We're just going to have to settle for pictures, because Christmas day was awesome for the first 3 hours or so, but went downhill from there. And when your kids get up at 6:30, and don't go to bed until 9:30 (and they're hyped up on candy and cool toys!)... it gets real.

But we only capture the happy moments with our cameras. So enjoy!

Santa came!
And he drank his milk and ate the cookies!
Goodbye letter from our elf on the shelf, Christy! 
Dad's reading it to the boys! 
I told Patrick, "Look interested!" 
Patrick's stocking! 
Adrian's stocking! 
Lots of good stuff. 
Patrick especially wanted a watch. 
Adrian is not shy, no idea what this face is about!
Showing off his stocking presents. 
Love those dimples! 
This snail was his FAVORITE GIFT! 
So excited for Ninja Turtles from Santa! 
Why can't I get a good picture of Adrian? 
Tearin' it up! 
Bub in action!
Ninja Turtle Lair! 
Add caption

So handsome. 
Pure joy. 
Really nice gifts from Ggma and Ggpa. 
Posing for mama! 
So excited about their last gift from Gma and Gpa! 
They kept getting things that could only be
played on the Wii U, and then we'd be sad
and go on about how, "Oh, I guess we'll have
to exchange this... it can only be played on the
Wii U... oh well."  
WII U!!!!
Love these pictures of them opening together!
Oh, just opening presents together. 
Matching Sonic PJs! 
So sassy. 
My angel. 
Opening his presents.  
I don't remember what he was laughing about, but I love this picture.
The one gift I'll be showing off. <3 
Giving Gma and Gpa hugs! 
So happy. 
After presents. Love these guys!
Long day of being bad boys.