Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Chronicles 2013

So I wanted this post to be filled with pictures of the boys opening their presents and talk about how happy we were on Christmas day.


We're just going to have to settle for pictures, because Christmas day was awesome for the first 3 hours or so, but went downhill from there. And when your kids get up at 6:30, and don't go to bed until 9:30 (and they're hyped up on candy and cool toys!)... it gets real.

But we only capture the happy moments with our cameras. So enjoy!

Santa came!
And he drank his milk and ate the cookies!
Goodbye letter from our elf on the shelf, Christy! 
Dad's reading it to the boys! 
I told Patrick, "Look interested!" 
Patrick's stocking! 
Adrian's stocking! 
Lots of good stuff. 
Patrick especially wanted a watch. 
Adrian is not shy, no idea what this face is about!
Showing off his stocking presents. 
Love those dimples! 
This snail was his FAVORITE GIFT! 
So excited for Ninja Turtles from Santa! 
Why can't I get a good picture of Adrian? 
Tearin' it up! 
Bub in action!
Ninja Turtle Lair! 
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So handsome. 
Pure joy. 
Really nice gifts from Ggma and Ggpa. 
Posing for mama! 
So excited about their last gift from Gma and Gpa! 
They kept getting things that could only be
played on the Wii U, and then we'd be sad
and go on about how, "Oh, I guess we'll have
to exchange this... it can only be played on the
Wii U... oh well."  
WII U!!!!
Love these pictures of them opening together!
Oh, just opening presents together. 
Matching Sonic PJs! 
So sassy. 
My angel. 
Opening his presents.  
I don't remember what he was laughing about, but I love this picture.
The one gift I'll be showing off. <3 
Giving Gma and Gpa hugs! 
So happy. 
After presents. Love these guys!
Long day of being bad boys.

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  1. Love the are all soooooooo cute!

    Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!