Monday, December 16, 2013

Finally Got The Tree Up

So we've had the tree up for about 10 days, completely undecorated. We changed that last night.

Putting the garland on!
Patrick and Steve putting the finishing touches
on the garland, starting with the bulbs!
Patrick and I putting on some ornaments...
Adrian in the background.
I am not a photogenic woman.
Adrian loves helping!
He loves me. <3
Heck, both of them do.
Me and my niece, Bonnie.
Family time!
Loved this.
I got to put the star on!
All done!

It's our first tree at the apartment. I love it so much.

What a great family tradition that I can't wait to do every year for the next 50 Christmases.

And lastly, a photo of me and my future hubby!