Sunday, June 22, 2014

Several Things Sunday

It's not a thing... just something I have time for!
  1. A barium swallow showed everything is fine with my band. My restriction is perfect. I didn't end up getting an unfill, just figured out while talking with the Nurse Practitioner that I need to stop eating so fast and get back to basics! She gave me a handout with information for newly-banded or people considering banding, and I actually read it - it was a nice refresher!
  2. She also said I need to start tracking my BMs (sorry for the image), because sometimes I think I go a while without even realizing I haven't (3-4 days sometimes). She said put a hashtag on the calendar every time I do. Hilarious. (I actually did today, and yesterday! I've been incorporating a little bit of coconut oil into my diet almost daily. It really helps!)
  3. Speaking of helping, for the past two days I've been drinking a protein shake as my breakfast, and coupled with a piece of fruit around 10:00 am, it's actually keeping me full until lunch time... wow. I didn't think that was possible anymore! I might keep this up.
  4. I finally ended up getting into my primary care physician's office and got my prescription for my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine refilled. I hope it helps. I've taken three doses so far. She wants me to come back in 3 weeks to see her and possibly tweak the dose - hopefully, 10 mg is enough, but we'll see.
  5. Is it better to take these in the morning or at night? I couldn't sleep at ALL last night, and I think it might be because I took my pill at about 5:00 pm. For today's dose I moved it to 9:00 am and we'll see what happens.
  6. Aaaand I just read online that many people take it right before going to bed because it makes them sick to take it during the day. Guess I'm gonna wait until tomorrow EVENING to take another pill.
  7. I woke up this morning with a swollen eye-lid. I really hope I don't have pink eye or something disgusting. If it's still swollen tomorrow, I might go to CareNow or someplace. Too random.
I guess I'm out of things to say! Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of their weekend. <3

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm so torn!

I haven't had an adjustment with my LapBand since October 31st, 2011... and lately (okay, maybe the last 6 months or so) food has been getting "stuck" more often. Not even normal "eating-a-little-too-fast-gotta-slow-down," but full on "have-to-throw-up-5-times" episodes. Normally, I can eat anything, but I get stalled up most often with beef and fibrous vegetables. Girlfriend's gotta have her veggies. Everything going on is COMPLETELY user error, but I want to go have a bit removed from my band regardless. I'm thinking maybe 0.2 cc's, taking me back down to 5.0 cc's.

Steve and I went to the movies with the boys last week, and we grabbed lunch right before... I ordered bourbon chicken and got stuck on the first bite. Now I'm sure I took a little too big of a bite because it was about 2:45 pm and I hadn't eaten since 7:00 am, but I had to leave the movie theater THREE times, and threw up twice before we sat down. It was horrible.

I've never had an unfill, so this is kind of scary for me. I'm imagining myself being completely voracious. I also think I should probably get a barium swallow scheduled just because I want to make sure everything's still in the correct position and flowing well.

I have even scheduled an appointment to go see Dr. Fox, my surgeon, haven't seen him in almost 2 years. (Isn't that horrible?)

Wish me luck, the unfill is happening tomorrow and the visit with Dr. Fox is next Thursday.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Unofficial Wedding Photos

Just got these a few days ago!

My mother and grandparents
Patrick in his tiny tuxedo. <3 
Both boys (obviously)
Us during first look photos <3 
Mama and Daddy 
Me and my parents <3 

Ceremony shot 
My lovely bridesmaids (Brandi, Amy, and Mari)
Another ceremony shot 
Putting my ring on. 
First kiss! 

First dance 
Daddy/Daughter dance... <3 
And my heart broke when my Daddy got all shy and almost
cried because he couldn't remember how to dance, he said
Mother/Son dance... Steve and his mama and me and the boys. 

And that's all we have so far. These were taken by my grandfather, so excuse the quality on some of them. Just wanted to share a few!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Forgot How To Blog

Anyone else having this problem lately?

So, as you maybe can see, I've come kind of full circle with my blog.

I was going to maybe write about weight loss, then I wasn't, now I kind of want to because I'm going new places with my fitness and I feel amazing... but I don't want to shove all my weight loss stuff in everyone's face. Especially not about my weight loss surgery experience.

Either you read my former blog (which I miss... WHY DID I DELETE IT?! I am a crazy person.) or you didn't. If you didn't, count yourself lucky. I stressed over stupid stuff. I was sad about gaining 0.6 lbs. I didn't exercise - and I was proud of the fact that I lost 100 lbs with minimal exercise! My eating was 80% spot-on, but God forbid I work up a sweat.

I don't have an agenda with this blog post... I swear. I am not trying to sell anyone anything other than diamonds. And I only do that at work. Please don't get the band if it's not right for you. ANYONE. EVER. It's hell if you're not ready. Also, I'm pretty sure it's going extinct. The sleeve is the way to go now. Everyone's revising to it and doing awesome. I'm jealous, in fact - I want a sleeve!

I digress. (And I don't really want a sleeve - but if I ever lost my band, I would totally consider it.)

I'm going to make a comeback. I will learn to blog regularly again, if it kills me. I might be like Beth Ann, and write an entry every day for a couple of weeks just to get myself used to it again. Get those creative juices flowing!

I think most of my problem is a ton of my former friends on here don't blog anymore! Or no one knows about my new blog, because I don't advertise it, or BLOG ever. Maybe I need to roam into the newbie territory, see who I can find.

I'll be back!