Thursday, June 19, 2014


I'm so torn!

I haven't had an adjustment with my LapBand since October 31st, 2011... and lately (okay, maybe the last 6 months or so) food has been getting "stuck" more often. Not even normal "eating-a-little-too-fast-gotta-slow-down," but full on "have-to-throw-up-5-times" episodes. Normally, I can eat anything, but I get stalled up most often with beef and fibrous vegetables. Girlfriend's gotta have her veggies. Everything going on is COMPLETELY user error, but I want to go have a bit removed from my band regardless. I'm thinking maybe 0.2 cc's, taking me back down to 5.0 cc's.

Steve and I went to the movies with the boys last week, and we grabbed lunch right before... I ordered bourbon chicken and got stuck on the first bite. Now I'm sure I took a little too big of a bite because it was about 2:45 pm and I hadn't eaten since 7:00 am, but I had to leave the movie theater THREE times, and threw up twice before we sat down. It was horrible.

I've never had an unfill, so this is kind of scary for me. I'm imagining myself being completely voracious. I also think I should probably get a barium swallow scheduled just because I want to make sure everything's still in the correct position and flowing well.

I have even scheduled an appointment to go see Dr. Fox, my surgeon, haven't seen him in almost 2 years. (Isn't that horrible?)

Wish me luck, the unfill is happening tomorrow and the visit with Dr. Fox is next Thursday.


  1. My band is crazy fickle, so I have had a few unfills.. Nothing to be worried about. I think it is more important for you to be able to eat the way you "need" to, to maintain... or lose... whatever we are doing at this point.

  2. I've scheduled my first unfill ever for friday- I'm having the same problems - throwing up and getting stuck more often - I would love to be able to eat an apple without barfing it up...Good luck and let me know how you do!