Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Forgot How To Blog

Anyone else having this problem lately?

So, as you maybe can see, I've come kind of full circle with my blog.

I was going to maybe write about weight loss, then I wasn't, now I kind of want to because I'm going new places with my fitness and I feel amazing... but I don't want to shove all my weight loss stuff in everyone's face. Especially not about my weight loss surgery experience.

Either you read my former blog (which I miss... WHY DID I DELETE IT?! I am a crazy person.) or you didn't. If you didn't, count yourself lucky. I stressed over stupid stuff. I was sad about gaining 0.6 lbs. I didn't exercise - and I was proud of the fact that I lost 100 lbs with minimal exercise! My eating was 80% spot-on, but God forbid I work up a sweat.

I don't have an agenda with this blog post... I swear. I am not trying to sell anyone anything other than diamonds. And I only do that at work. Please don't get the band if it's not right for you. ANYONE. EVER. It's hell if you're not ready. Also, I'm pretty sure it's going extinct. The sleeve is the way to go now. Everyone's revising to it and doing awesome. I'm jealous, in fact - I want a sleeve!

I digress. (And I don't really want a sleeve - but if I ever lost my band, I would totally consider it.)

I'm going to make a comeback. I will learn to blog regularly again, if it kills me. I might be like Beth Ann, and write an entry every day for a couple of weeks just to get myself used to it again. Get those creative juices flowing!

I think most of my problem is a ton of my former friends on here don't blog anymore! Or no one knows about my new blog, because I don't advertise it, or BLOG ever. Maybe I need to roam into the newbie territory, see who I can find.

I'll be back!


  1. I know you! I also have the "forgot how to blog" problem... instead of being work out buddies, we can be blog-out buddies! lol.

  2. Girl, I fell off too. I always mean to, then i "forget"

  3. Hi Honey Badge...I'm still here - not blogging much, because I bore myself and cant keep my shit together with the food.... but if you are back in blogging - I suppose I can get back on the bloggy horse...
    Sell me some diamonds..I have a large chest so nothing less than 30 carrots please...hahaha!

  4. I freaking love you! I want you to blog every day! :) One of my favorite peeps!

  5. Hi Ronnie... long time, no talk. Trying to catch up with ya'll. Funny about the whole revision thing to the sleeve, etc. I've been considering it myself, after gaining back all the weight I did lose. Going to my first appointment this Friday too. I see you got married, CONGRATS! Add or follow me if you like. Gonna continue reading your blogs to catch up.