Monday, May 26, 2014

So I Got Hitched...

Without much fan-fare. The ceremony was 5 minutes MAX, and then we went and partied our butts off.

I think I got to spend a good amount of time with most people, which made me happy!

It was a beautiful reception. I danced with my husband, my dad, my sons (in turn, and together), and other random people during the dollar dance and just when I was feeling feisty. My sons danced their asses off, too, along with my nieces surprisingly. The youngest (Bonnie) got a little too freaky for two-years-old. Made me wonder about future career paths for her, but overall it was adorable.

The dinner was great, everyone seemed to enjoy the food, it was right on point taste-wise. And the cake was amazing. We got Costco sheet cake, a small decorative cake, and then Steve's grooms cakes. Yes, he got three. Wasted a ton of money, and none of them except one was eaten. Another disappeared mysteriously after the reception.

The bartenders were awesome, and very accommodating for "the bride."

A few situations threatened to ruin my calm, but didn't succeed. The DJ's were totally unprofessional at first, but once we got them pointed in the right direction it was fine. The photographer was outright rude to our families.

But... it was beautiful, and went by too fast.

I can't wait until I have pictures to share!