Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sudden Realization

So I'm getting married in 28 days.

I just ordered bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts (Steve picked his guys' stuff, I just ordered it), am trying to figure out what to do for hair and make-up, trying to piece together some kind of wedding day timeline, and figuring out the music... basically, I'm over all of this nonsense. And even though Steve CLAIMS he's interested in helping, he never really does. He just kind of says, "Yeah, that sounds good," to everything. I'm growing annoyed.

If I've said it once, I've said it ten times: I just want to head to the Justice of the Peace! Or get a wedding planner. Which, really, isn't a bad idea.

I'm maxed out on spreadsheets.

My notes app is ridiculously cluttered.

Any time I have two thoughts to rub together I have to type them both out immediately, because I can't retain anything lately that isn't work-related. If I make another one, I think my phone might commit suicide.

Lots of stress in my life lately, and I'm just not sure what the answer is for any of it!

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