Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Dress Stress

I went for my dress fitting yesterday. So bad.

The wedding gown I bought 14 months ago was a size too small. Obviously, I've gained weight. Only about 9 pounds, so it's not a "ton" of weight per say. But enough that my dress was so tight the lady couldn't even zip it up completely and I felt so horrible standing there and having her put pins everywhere it needed to be let out. And they were everywhere.

I was lucky enough that I was able to exchange it at no cost for the next size up and save myself a TON of money in alterations; I also had to exchange my petticoat and my bustier for larger sizes as well.  It was embarrassing, but it had to be done. I'm very realistic about my body.

So what am I doing about this? I've started exercising. I've actually been working out for the last few days, my diet has improved... it's not just about the dress. It's not just for the wedding. I've been lazy and complacent lately. And ain't nobody got tiiiiiime to get back to where I was three and a half years ago!

So at the next fitting (May 9th)... I might have to have it taken in.

A girl can dream!

Oh, and here's a sneak peak of the dress (this is the smaller one, obviously):


  1. I love the dress! Love! 9 pounds equals no zipping? WOWZER! Damn that dress. That is what I am saying. Good for you for taking charge. None of us want to go back to where we were a few years ago.

  2. Love that DRESS!!! You go Honey Badger!!

  3. I think they must engineer those stinkin' dresses to fit like a they can get the extra $$ altering them. I have a very skinny GF who had pins all up and down her dress too and they altered it to be so tight and glove-like, she felt like if she even took a single breath she would pop out of her dress! That being said YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!