Saturday, January 11, 2014

"How Did You Lose The Weight?"**

When you lose a substantial amount of weight, every once in a while you see someone you haven't seen since "before." And when they barely recognize you, or are startled by your appearance, they invariably ask you this ridiculous question. (Okay, fine, not invariably... but at least half of the time.)

What do you say?

Personally, I respond with... "Hard work. Dedication."

Fine, having weight loss surgery three years ago probably helped. But you know what? It didn't help me make all of the good decisions. I did that.

I'm the one who said no to the cakes and cookies, or the extra piece of pizza that would have made me miserable, or the last couple bites of something I was actually too full for. And let me be clear: I did not say that I said no every time, or even most of the time. But sometimes I did, and when that happened: it was me, not some piece of plastic wrapped around the base of my esophagus.

Sorry for my rant, but just needed to be said.

** I know this isn't supposed to be a weight loss blog, but every once in a while... this subject needs to be broached in a life blog.


  1. I always tell people I cut portions in half and started working out 5 days a week. Both true. They don't need to know I had help with the lapband.

  2. No surgery in the WORLD will keep you from eating bad stuff. No one gets to be on autopilot and still lose and keep it off. Surgery does kick start things and as my hubby calls it "a do over" a chance to have a different relationship with food but it doesn't do all the work for ya!

  3. I always say I changed my eating habits, started moving more, drinking water, bikram yoga and the support of family and friends. It is the truth. The surgery just puts it into perspective. I can still eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting...I just choose not to. Good for you.

  4. I so freaking agree with this! I've stopped telling people. Just figure it is none of their damn business. They all just want and easy fix anyway.