Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wedding Planning Underway

(Fair warning: I'm going to probably be talking about my wedding a ton here. I had a wedding blog, but doing both? Who's got time for that?)

Just this week, I've started planning the honeymoon. So excited! Traditionally, from what I understand, it's the groom's job to do this, but if I left it to Stephen... we'd book our flights at the airport the day we wanted to leave, and I just can't live like that. I'm a planner.

The good news is: Stephen's cousin was gracious enough to donate some of her frequent flyer miles to book us a trip to and from New Orleans (which is where we'll be going - obviously). What a wonderful wedding gift!

We've got our flights, now I'm trying to decide on a hotel. (One of his aunts actually might be able to get us a comped weekend at Harrah's... which from what I gather is close to the Quarter, and that's where we're mainly wanting to be.) We have a Pub Crawl and eatery tour all planned, etc. So fun. Yes, I love to eat.

We've also started comparing prices for rentals. We need close to 200 chairs, 10 tables, linens, etc. (The venue provides most of the tables and chairs, which is a lifesaver.) We haven't decided if we'll get an arch, or just decorate the branches on the tree we'll be getting married under. It almost forms a natural arch where we've decided to get married, but not quite.

We're trying to sign a contract for event insurance, which will allow us to officially book the venue (she was just reserving it for us until now, we haven't officially signed any contracts). That will be such a relief there! But my venue event coordinator is a pain in my ass, so it's slow-going. I had to e-mail her twice to get the information as to where to obtain the insurance. But I'm finding out it's about $550 for liquor liability plus special event insurance. Yeah, I'll be shopping around. I don't want to hear any nonsense about they only accept one particular insurance carrier, or I'll switch venues faster than they can say "reception."

Anyway, not much else going on. We're deciding what type of centerpieces now, but we're thinking some simple lanterns and maybe a very minimal flower arrangement on each table.

That's all I've got!


  1. Congrats on the up coming wedding, how exciting! -- maybe if there is electricity you can wrap the branches with white christmas lights and create more of the appearance of an arch -- and I totally love the lantern idea, candle light at a wedding is so nice and romantic.

  2. I love hearing about the wedding plans, it is going to be amazing!

  3. Event insurance? Bah! Harrah's is REALLY close to the french quarter. Would be a great location!

  4. Awww, that sounds so awesome! What a great gift for your honeymoon (free airline tix...woo hoo!) I think your honeymoon sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Seems like you had planned all the details in advance for your wedding. Hope that everything went just as you had planned on your special day. I’m also helping with the arrangements for my sister’s wedding, which will be in a few weeks at one of the famous San Francisco wedding venues.