Monday, January 20, 2014

Fitting Rooms Selfies, Goodbyes, and Road Trips

Let's start with the fun stuff... fitting room selfies!

Got this.
Regret not purchasing. I thought it was fun. :) 
Didn't purchase. 
Loved this blazer. 
Did not purchase. Regretting. Although I would need some shapewear underneath.
LOVED. THIS. (Totally purchased.) 
Did not purchase.
Over the course of two hours at my favorite resale boutique (Clothes Mentor), I tried on at least 100 different things. I got a gift card from Steve's brother's wife for Christmas, so I went and shopped my heart out. The women who were running the fitting room were all smiles at first when I came up but by the end, they hated me. Luckily, I don't care about that... and I ended up with some super nice pieces. I think I bought about 15 things all together.

Now the sad part: the goodbyes. My favorite manager at work, Rick, left our store and transferred to a different location closer to his home. This past Saturday was his last day. He was a great manager, and I learned so much from him. He was also one of my best friends at work.

We sent him off with a bang, a few of my co-workers and myself took him out and had a few drinks, and closed the place down.

More pictures were taken, but of course they were on other peoples' cell phones. Maybe I'll get copies of those one day.
It said "Good Luck Rick" before I cut it up... I didn't have any!
Rick and myself. </3
In other news, wedding planning is still in full swing!

I paid a deposit on the DJ's services yesterday, and we're planning a trip down to San Antonio for January 29-31st. While we're down there we're going to check out rentals, meet with the venue's event coordinator again and sign any paperwork that's left, possibly meet with our photographer, and reserve hotel blocks at a couple of good locations.

We have a TON on our plate planning this from a distance.

I'm also in works with my maid of honor to get my bachelorette party planned (that'll be April 5th) and a bridal shower put together down there (April 6th). I'm also hoping to get another bridal shower organized for my friends and family up here... because I know at least half of the people I'm inviting won't be able to attend the actual wedding. Destination wedding problems!

I'm also trying very hard to get off some of this happy weight I've gained in the past year or so. I've lost about 6 pounds since I started seriously watching my calories and trying to be more active in my day-to-day. It's a miracle. I'm still about 8 pounds up from where I was when I first bought my dress last February... but I think I can get that off in the next month and get into the dress again with only minor alterations! When I first picked it, all that needed to be done was have it taken in at the bust (the girls are small lately), and take it up in the cap sleeves, they're a bit too long.

I'm so excited about everything going on. Things are happening quickly!


  1. Loved the last dress, I think skipping the gray one was the right decision.
    #weddingproblems! You passed on cake! I'm calling that a win! Good work!

  2. Rhonda my eye's you are all good and fun!...........I'm so happy for you!


  3. Love that Dress!! Glad you bought it!!!

  4. I like the items you did buy and I totally do the same things...take selfies when I'm in the dressing helps me "see" how others "see" me and it helps me decide what to buy. Love that dress! And you didn't eat are my hero!

  5. love love the floral print dress, so glad you purchased it.

  6. You look really good in the outfits you tried on.