Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wanna Be A Runner

I've been talking about fitness for a few weeks, or months, or years (if you count how long I've been saying I want to be active). But one thing I haven't been talking about is the fact that I've always wanted to be a runner. I don't think I ever mentioned it. In fact, I probably have always said, "I hate running. I'll never be a runner."

Defeatist Attitude? Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm all about the Positive Mental Attitude these days.

Long story short: yesterday I started Couch-to-5K!

I did Week 1, Day 1 at noon. In Texas. It was only 90 degrees. I barely broke a sweat. (Lie.)

I'm breaking down barriers, ladies. I'm done with the "I-wanna's" and I'm focusing on the "I'm-gonna's."

I'm gonna be a runner (or at least I'm gonna finish C25K and go from there).
I'm gonna continue with T25 and be an athlete.
I'm gonna get to 145 lbs.

That's my new goal weight, if I forgot to mention it in my last blog post. I'm done with the excuses.

I'm gonna go meal prep for the week now. Just went shopping this morning and I'm feeling like it's a great time.


  1. Can you run in the morning evening when it's not soooo hot? If you are miserable you may be less inclined to continue. Speaking from experience here...

  2. You go Ronnie!!!!!!!!! you got this!