Saturday, July 5, 2014

BandedWendy and Fitness

I've been absent again, only for two weeks or so, I think. But it's been good away. I've been focusing on eating well and exercising.

Most specifically: when I'm not working out (or simply: working!), I'm watching YouTube videos. I love BandedWendy - I've become obsessed! I started her journey over with her from the very beginning, and she JUST reached maintenance. That's probably 100 videos I've watched.

From now on when I go to bed at night and grab my laptop (horrible habit, but I don't care!), Steve says, "Good night, babe. Have fun watching BandedWendy."

She's just REAL. She knows what she's about, she knows what the lapband is about. She knows the rules, and she's not scared to say, "Hey, if you're not following the rules - that's why you're not losing weight." And I SO believe that.

You have to seriously be ready to change your life.

Today and yesterday, in fact, I bitched out on my fitness. Yesterday was supposed to be a two-a-day, but I completely laid down and enjoyed my bed last night. Then tonight I started one of my T25 videos (Total Body Circuit, to be exact; if you're familiar with the program I'm doing the Gamma Hybrid cycle, which incorporates videos from the Alpha and/or Beta cycles once or twice a week), and I got about 2/3 of the way through it then sat down and turned it off. I made that choice. I'm owning it.

I hadn't had enough to eat today, and I don't feel strong. So I will do it tomorrow. I worked 45 hours this week, which is only an extra hour per day... but when you have been closing as often as I have (three days in a row and then a turn-around today), it gets pretty grueling.

I don't go in tomorrow until 11:00 am, so I have time to do finish the first and start up and finish the second video before I leave for work. And I already have my lunch made.

I'm a planner, what can I say?

Fitness IS a part of my lifestyle.


  1. Boom! Awesome! I have a love hate with Banded Wendy. She gets a bit crazy for me.... but I've watched tons of her videos. Way to kick it into gear!

  2. You are so right... with regard to the band. If you haven't totally grasped the thought of changing your lifestyle, you will continue doing the same things. Its a struggle... no easy outs, thats for sure. I've watched some of her videos in the past, might have to check it back out again.

  3. I am a planner too so I totally get it! I walk 45 minutes per day 7 days per week. I have Saturday & Sundays off and I always do 2 walks on at least 1 of those days, both if I have time. I also take my dog for at least one short walk at night. I’m trying to stick to a routine, it makes things so much easier. I’m trying to getting the nutrition back on track, I’ve been struggling! I’m going to have to check out Wendy now! =)