Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Body Shots

My new goal weight of 145 pounds. I stated it here earlier, and I told my accountability group about it last week... and it was met with some hesitation.

I was told 145 might be too thin. And was asked WHY I want to be that particular weight?

And I wonder what people think I really look like underneath my clothes? (Or why anyone cares what my ultimate goal weight is anyway?)

Does someone mistakenly think I'm some thin goddess under there, even though they can see bulges with my clothes on?

So I'm here to share what I really look like, because I told Lorie I would. I'm sure I haven't done this recently (at least, not since I started THIS blog)... so here goes nothing.

It's not horrible, but there's work to be done.

And I'm ready to do it!


  1. You look great! I support 145!! Thats also a number I have in my head. I'm shooting for 155

  2. You look great honey! Just time to tone!

  3. Look good... its all about toning now.

  4. I say shoot for it. You've been there before, haven't you? Or am I making that up! Love the picture and think you look great, but this is our own journey. Do what is good for you.

  5. I love your determination to get to your goal. You look fantastic right NOW where you are at but I love the determination! WOW!