Tuesday, September 8, 2015

37 Weeks

I actually got almost all that I wanted to accomplish done over the long Labor Day weekend - it was a miracle! All I lack is getting the rest of the laundry washed (which is no big deal because at least all of the clothes are clean and folded - now it's just towels and linens that need washing), and my pedicure!

Sad sack alert: I can't really justify getting a pedicure. I have to be careful not to spend too much on frivolous junk, since we don't know when my last paycheck is going to be before maternity leave (which will be unpaid, as far as I know). I would love to get another two checks under my belt, but we shall see! I think if I can do that, then we've got enough in the bank to get through 6 weeks of maternity leave. Especially if Steve goes back to work after 2 weeks (one being him taking his paid vacation time, and then the other week paternity leave... and we're not sure if he'll be getting paid for that). So I've started using a pumice stone in the shower, and most nights I remember to put my foot lotion on, and my feet look okay. It'll have to do until we get our finances back in good working order, though.

I wish I had more to report this week: the doctor said the baby looks great, they did an ultrasound today, and she scored an 8/8 on the fetal biophysical screening. (Which is basically just a scan for fetal movement, fetal breathing movements, and amniotic fluid levels.)

I love how I rambled about my feet for a good 8 lines, then 3 for the baby. I digress.

Next week they're doing my first cervical check; never had a male gyno before, so this will be interesting.

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