Sunday, August 9, 2015

32 Weeks

This week has been unremarkable, for the most part. Baby girl has been moving a TON, and that's always really fun to watch. I had a doctor's appointment, but they didn't do a sonogram. I reiterated to my doctor my wish to attempt a VBAC delivery, and basically was told it would come down to the day of and how the baby and my body reacted to labor. Last time I had a sonogram, she was in breech position, so she needs to migrate to head down and stay there. Otherwise, I think I'll be back on the operating table. But he said he's going to let me go into labor instead of scheduling a C-section, unless I go past 40 weeks. Fingers crossed!

I did have really high hopes for this weekend... I wanted to assemble baby girl's crib and get the house cleaned up. Alas, neither of these things happened. The first, because the crib did not arrive when it said it would (thanks for lying to me about the delivery date, FedEx), and the second because I was too bummed about the first. I did get all of my laundry done, so that was something. But not much else. Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight.

Here's a picture of her crib that I pulled off the website. Isn't it cute? I'm going for a grey and yellow theme, so this fit perfectly with what I had in mind. As soon as I have everything put together I'll post pictures of her little space. I'd love to say she has her own room, but she'll be bunking with us until we get a bigger place. Ideally, we'd love to be into a house by next summer.

Luckily, even though not getting the crib was a disappointment, there was plenty of shopping to be done and it was an overall productive weekend. We went and bought the boys some new shoes for school since it's Tax Free Weekend in Texas, and I had a 15% off coupon for Payless. Then I traded in the stuff that did not fit them anymore at Once Upon a Child, and donated what they didn't want to their school. So now their wardrobes are complete! They have a TON of pants because they got tall all of a sudden a month or two ago, so all they really needed were shirts and new kicks. Of course backpacks are taken care of, and I think I mentioned I ordered their supplies from the school.

Then I went and bought the breast pump I wanted... I only ended up paying $65 out of pocket for it, when it's a $220 double electric pump. I'm not even mad. Had a ton of gift cards from my baby shower and a 15% off registry completion coupon. YES!

(I know about most insurance companies now covering breast pumps, but the insurance I have (Texas Women's Medicaid) is notorious for not wanting to cover things like this without tons of paperwork and a "medical necessity." Apparently, going back to work does not fit that bill from what I've read online from other moms. I did my research and you have to qualify for WIC to even be considered, and since I got a new job and am making more money we don't meet the income requirements for that anymore. (I did call and tell the state I got a new job, and they're still letting me keep the Medicaid through 11/30/2015 anyway - so I'm a very fortunate lady!))

Anyway, I think I've rambled on enough about this week. Sorry so scatter-brained!


  1. It's ridiculous how many hoops are out there for women to get the basic stuff they need when they have a baby but I digress. That crib is adorbs!