Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Year Reunion

So, apparently, that's coming up.

Is this motivational or what? I haven't seen 9/10 of these people (nor wanted to) in 10 years, but on the other hand: I've lost about 50 lbs since high school.

I weighed in between 210-220 lbs from about sophomore year of high school until I got pregnant in 2007, and then from 2008-2010 I ballooned up to 260-270 lbs. I was in beast mode. That and suffering some personal tragedies, which I won't put you through listening to right now, all combined to make a perfect storm for my weight gain.

I weighed in this morning at a "slim" 178... and I feel great. But for how long? I get the itch to lose weight, even if I'm where I thought I wanted to be. I did when I was 170, 160, even 150.

I realize I'm a disordered eater. I binge, I'm a habitual overeater, I eat when I'm bored, I'm a habitual dieter, and more that I can't even put my finger on at the moment. I do it all except NOT eat.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. So the idea of going to this makes me nervous. Very nervous. But it kind of gives me a goal: I'd like to not only be pregnant by then, but also be looking great. I want to get my arms in better shape along with my legs.

Someone told me today the only time you can lose cellulite off of your legs is when you're a teenager and when you're pregnant.


So I guess I'll go.


  1. You are adorbs! Seriously one of my favorite peeps on instagram. I'm impressed that you are going... I've just never gotten around to attending a reunion.

  2. I definitely say... GO! I didn't go to my 10 year. Who knows if I'll go to my 20 year if they hold it for class of 1999. Lol. I guess my cellulite ain't going no where... no more babies for me and way out of teenage-hood.

    You got this though... I see you working hard and its coming off.

  3. well, now I know what I need to do to get rid of that pesky cellulite...

  4. I didn't know that about cellulite. Maybe I need to rethink pregnancy. :)

  5. Hello! Thank you for my very first official comment! I got banded in 2010 too! You are doing super well, and I definitely get that we are diet and food obsessed for life (no matter what size we get). I loved my reunion! Sitting back and watching the various realities and versions of reality that people had created over the years. This boy that I had the biggest crush on for years, walked up to me, gave me the biggest hug, looked at my chest and said "I'm pretty sure you didn't have those in high school". Dodged a bullet!!! Lol!

  6. How fun to go show up all the skinny bitches! All you need is a killer dress!