Monday, February 10, 2014

So, Yeah.

About that possible new job? I'm 99% sure that ain't happenin'.

I met with both managers, the District Manager in Training and the Store Manager at the Galleria location... they both loved me. Then I set up an interview with the Store Manager at an outlet location very close to home.

She was not my biggest fan.

Or even a fan at all.

I walked in an immediately it was awkward silence as we walked back to her office. Normally, I can sustain chit-chat... not that day. Then I handed her my resumé, she READ IT in its entirety RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. Silently, of course.

Then she asked me to tell her about myself, about my standards (metrics, numbers, whatever you want to call them) at my current store and I was honest with her. I told her the areas where I excelled and where I struggled.

She was not impressed with me.

We talked for maybe ten minutes, and she dismissed me with an "I'll let you know one way or another".

Guess moving companies was just not meant to be.

T-Minus 18 days until I'm fired from Jared (so my current boss keeps telling me, if my numbers aren't 100% where they need to be at the end of this month).


I peeked at the scale yesterday (remember, I'd been doing Weight Watchers diligently for 4 days!) and I had lost 3.1 lbs!

So I ended up accidentally have a cheat day. Not really "cheat"... I tracked everything as best I could, but I ate way over my daily budget (but didn't break the bank on the weekly "allowance" points!) then weighed again today just out of curiosity's sake and had regained 2.3 lbs of that.

That sucks.

Morale is not good today.

But I am off for the day. So I might print up a few copies of my resumé and go speak to some managers at local jewelry stores.


  1. Your bosses motivation tactics really suck. How about building you up and helping you strengthen those weak points you mentioned having? That's what a good boss would do.
    As for the new place, hopefully the Galleria will snap you up if the outlet manager doesn't. Best of luck!!

  2. Your Boss Blows! WW seems to be a good thing.. are you doing the online version or going to meetings?
    I've tried in the past and was a big fat failure...

  3. Sorry she sounds like a biotch...prob. not someone you would want to work under anyway. But then again compared to your current boss....well, yeah, sorry. I hope something works out for you SOON! I had to laugh at the "morale is low today" comment because I've sooooooo been there and done that too! Hang in there Ronnie!

  4. Hope you find something on the job front that you enjoy. You wouldn't want to work for someone that acted that way toward you anyway.

  5. Maybe a smaller store is just the ticket? Something less corporate? I'm not a fan of big corporate which hilarious coming from someone who works at one of the biggest banks in the world. Ugh!