Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Few Things

Just caught up with all of the blogs in my feed since last time I binge-read, and I have to say: wow! A ton is going on out there in blogland!

MandaPanda had revision surgery yesterday (go send her well wishes, if you haven't already), Catherine and Amy W. have been posting, Beth Ann just celebrated her birthday weekend not too long ago! I love seeing some of my favorite bloggers back at it!

Just a ton has been going on with me, too. Can't believe I haven't written anything since February, I always thought if I got pregnant with the band, I would blog my entire experience because hardly anyone has... but, nope, I'm a slacker!

Aww, hell, it IS Thursday... why not catch up in bullet points?
  • First things first: still pregnant. I'm 28 weeks as of this past Tuesday, and we just found out on Monday that I'm having a baby girl.  At my 18 week and 22 week ultrasounds, they couldn't determine the sex because she had her legs crossed. So stubborn!
  • I had to have a complete unfill around April, because I couldn't keep/get anything down (except junk food)!
  • Thanks to that, I'm a chubster now. Okay, fine... thanks to poor food choices. Cannot wait to have this baby and get back some of my fill and get to the gym again! During my first trimester, I was too nauseated to workout (my morning sickness was all day, and I DID throw up past the band, multiple times - hence the unfill!), then my second trimester I wanted to sleep all day... now I'm in my third trimester and I am too busy running around trying to learn how to do my new job and get dinner on the table most nights to even consider going out and exercising after the kids eat. I know, poor excuse.
  • I am no longer working in jewelry. I got fired from my job at Ben Bridge, and then I immediately found another job in the same industry, but no longer doing sales... just repairs. Hated the hours, so I'm NOW working at a construction management company. It's new and interesting, the hours are ideal, and I have weekends off!
  • The boys' birthday party is this weekend, can't believe they'll be 8 years old! And we haven't even gotten an opportunity to go shopping for their gifts. We went to San Antonio to visit family for the 4th of July last weekend, and we can't very well do it while they're with us... so we're going to have to wait until tomorrow when my parents pick them up for the night!
Hope everyone is doing great, I've got to get home... and my laptop is on the fritz so work is the only chance I have to sneak on here! :)


  1. So happy to hear from you!

    A baby are soooo lucky! The perfect family!

    Glad you like your new is brutal...and not very family friendly. LONG HOURS!

    You are in my thoughts,

  2. When a baby girl refuses to show her goodies, she's simply being ladylike! LOL. You are SO busy! Don't worry about the baby pounds right now. Just focus on growing the baby and making it through your workday. Exciting new career...sounds promising.

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out.